Workshop overview

Corrective Cosmetics would like to support you in broadening and / or refreshing your knowledge. Our training courses and workshops are divided into four categories: makeup specials, skin specials, information days and business specials. Download the brochure for the complete overview (only available in Dutch). We hope to welcome you soon at one of our workshops.

1. Brand introduction

Information day Webecos
Webecos has been a purely Dutch cosmeceutical brand for almost 60 years, with products containing high concentrations of seriously clinically tested ingredients.

Introduction day THALION
Thalion stands for “Beauty from the heart of the seaweeds”, cosmetics based on a rich variety of algae, generating real beauty and wellness elixirs.

Introduction day UNG
During this day you will get to know the story of UNG, the make-up brand that helps to accentuate and enhance your own natural beauty. UNG is a quirky brand based on the color analysis according to the seasonal method.

Introduction day Dr. Tadlea / MiniLift Intense Lifting Program
You could call Dr.Tadlea a “Luxury Performance” brand. The brand links a cosmeceutical approach and a classy appearance. Mini Lift® is a cosmetic lifting treatment for the face with immediately visible results based on Aloe Vera.

2. Skin specials

AHA Real Peel fruit acids system
AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxy Acids. You will be introduced to this system, based on different (very) high concentrations of fruit acids and you will learn how to apply this in theory and practice.

Workshop Acne
AcnAcne is one of the most common skin conditions. Many people have experienced it to a greater or lesser degree. Since pimples mainly appear on the face, it is an annoying skin problem.

Prepare your skin for…..
Before a new season has arrived, the skin is still recovering from the previous season. The right products and the right treatments are extremely important if you don’t want the skin to change very much per season.

NEW! Thalion Special Treatments Hydra-Mineral and Ocean Secrets combi training
Thalion’s Ocean Secrets Treatment takes you to discover the benefits of the ocean, a world of unforgettable sensations.

Connective tissue massage face
Connective tissue massage is a specific and intensive massage technique, aimed at the regenerative capacity of the skin

3. Business specials

Marketing- Webinar
During this course you will learn how to understand, if you discuss the topics with your customers in a different way. This makes the purchase of a product or extra treatment much faster and easier.

Reach your target group with Instagram
Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, it has proven to be a powerful marketing tool that can increase the visibility of your company and thus the turnover. If you as a company or brand have not yet jumped on the Instagram train, start today. Through our practical Instagram training you will learn all the ins & outs to apply Instagram yourself for business.

Ingredients- Webinar
What ingredients are in a cosmetic product and why? How do I recognize this by the declaration on the packaging? Can you determine the quality of a material on the basis of the INCI declaration? What is actually not tested on animals? You will get the answers to these and many more questions during the workshop on ingredients and cosmetics legislation.

4. Makeup specials

Color theory
Color theory is the basis for everyone who works with color and make-up!

Make-up for dark skin
During this training you will learn the differences between fair and dark skin. Which colors you use on a tinted or dark skin.

Three-day Make-up Training
This three-day make-up training is a great basis for applying your make-up skills in practice.

Workshop Smokey eyes
Follow the Smokey eyes training under the guidance of a professional make-up artist who will teach you the tricks of the trade.

Bridal Makeup Workshop
A bridal makeup should match the bride, wedding dress and hairstyle. Everything must be in harmony with each other.

Workshop day makeup + 5 minutes makeup
These two looks are indispensable in the salon. They stimulate your sales turnover and give your customers that little bit of extra attention and care.

Cosmetic camouflage
Numerous skin problems cannot be cured or reduced, but are nevertheless disturbing while visible. Camouflage can be a good solution.

Hello Brows
Eyebrows largely determine your appearance. They give you an open view and can even provide a facelift effect.