Instagram- Webinar

Costs: 50 euro

Since the launch of Instagram in 2010, it has proven to be a powerful marketing tool that can increase the visibility of your company and thus the turnover. If you as a company or brand have not yet jumped on the Instagram train, start today. Through our practical Instagram training you will learn all the ins & outs to apply Instagram yourself for business.

Instagram gives you the opportunity to show your potential customer that you are more than a faceless company. You can do this with one of the many features in the app, but you will really make a difference and impact with live posts and stories.

Do you want to know what Instagram can do for your business? Do you want to start with Instagram, but have no idea where and how to start? Having trouble figuring out what kind of content to post? Do you want more followers, leads, customers and turnover for your company and you have no idea how?
Then sign up for the Instagram training. In this training we explain how you can get more success out of Instagram!