Introduction day Dr. Tadlea / MiniLift Intense Lifting Program

Kosten: 125,00 incl. productenpakket

You could call Dr.Tadlea a “Luxury Performance” brand. The brand links a cosmeceutical approach and a classy appearance.

Mini Lift® is a cosmetic lifting treatment for the face with immediately visible results based on Aloe Vera. By using the aligned MiniLift products, a kind of passive gymnastics takes place in both the epidermis and in the deeper layers of the skin. This activates the microcirculation, resulting in better skin circulation. The Mini Lift treatment has been used by tens of thousands of beauticians around the world for decades and provides a great improvement in skin condition that is clearly visible in one treatment. The costs of this training are € 125.00 including the Minilift Intense Starter package worth € 125.00. The Mini Lift training takes half a day and can be combined with the introduction of Dr. Tadlea.

Introduction day Dr. Tadlea: Morning 10am – 12.30pm MiniLift Intense Lifting Program: Afternoon 1pm – 4pm